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Clinical psychologist, relentless researcher, and coffee lover. I dabble with writing about child development, parenting, and related issues. Hit FOLLOW!
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How does unprocessed shame become toxic?

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What is guilt, and what is shame?

You are not required to be your kids’ entertainment center!

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It’s time to let go of these unhelpful myths.

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Myth: You shouldn’t respond immediately to a baby’s cry because they will grow up spoiled.

Positive discipline strategies.

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Using punishments as a way to discipline.

23% of the photos posted on the biggest kids exploration sites in the period in which the study took place were stolen from social media.

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What happens with the photos posted online?

Respect is a two-way street. You cannot expect from others what you aren’t willing to give.

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Respect is two ways street.

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People who are mad at your boundaries are the ones who benefited from you having none.

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